An Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery
In office procedures can help lessen fine lines and wrinkles and restore a more youthful volume to the face. Although damage occurs gradually over time, science and medicine have evolved to provide immediate improvement. Botox and dermal fillers are wonderful and popular non-surgical alternatives to revitalize and restore a more youthful appearance.

During your consultation, we’ll review your expectations and discuss your options before developing a treatment plan.

Why Use Injectables & Fillers in Your Face?
In the past decade injectables such as Botox, to relax overactive facial muscles, and dermal filler to fill in wrinkles and hollows have become a popular addition or alternative to what was once only surgical options. We often use them in conjunction with each other to create the “liquid facelift” affect. The face ages in a predictable fashion:

  • Volume is lost and there is hollowing under the eyes: We use a specialized filler to fill this space.
    Cheeks fall down and in towards the mouth and create deep smile lines: We use filler to raise the cheek and soften the smile lines
  • The mouth looses its collagen and soft tissue support and points down: we use fillers to support the mouth and the deep jowl lines around it.
  • Furrows and wrinkles and crow’s feet develop around the eyes and forehead: we use botox to soften lines and lift the brows.
  • All this begins at about the age of 35 – small conservative interventions help to remedy the patient’s complaints today and prevent worsening tomorrow; making this a true anti-aging treatment.

Why Use Fillers on your Lips?
As we age, volume is lost in the tissue of the lips and the youthful roundness becomes flat with subsequent puckering creating vertical lines above and below the lip, (smoker’s lines). Dermal fillers can reduce those lines and restore volume creating a softer, plumper, more youthful look. The key to the successful correction of the lip is balancing volume with facial shape to avoid an obviously enhanced or “duck lip”.

Which Filler to Use?
Injectable fillers offer sophisticated choices in a way that has never existed before. Subtle changes can be effected with the different products that minimize downtime and maximize results.
Injectable fillers do not replace cosmetic surgery, but they do offer an alternative. In the office of Dr. Randolph, we’ll review your expectations and customize the procedure with the best filler or combination of fillers to give you optimal results.

Juvederm or Juvederm XC- for deeper lines and hollows
Belotero– for superficial lines-