My Breast Augmentation Journey – Part 1

By October 20, 2015Uncategorized

After my recent breast augmentation with Dr. Laura Randolph, she asked if I would be willing to write a blog for her website to document my experience, and I happily obliged. I am a true believer that shared experiences in a decision as monumental as this one goes a long way in helping to make other women more aware of what to expect before, during, and after surgery, and if I can share some words of advice along the way, then the better for everyone involved.

First off, however, I have to say that Dr. Randolph truly is a woman’s doctor. Having gone through three pregnancies herself, she just naturally understands what myself as a woman has experienced with my body and the changes that come along with both having children and age itself. And, this personal experience of her own truly helps to guide her as a doctor and a surgeon, allowing her to honestly answer questions and discuss realistic outcomes. She is definitely not someone that is going to tell a patient what they want to hear, but rather give an honest and true opinion of what she can do for that person to help them in whatever area of concern they might have. This is the kind of person you need when making the decision to move forward with any cosmetic surgery, whether it be a breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, or even liposuction, because I believe the worst result would be a completely unexpected or unreachable result. Honestly, in the time that I was able to spend speaking with Dr. Randolph about the details of the surgery and about my reasonable expectations, I knew that I was in good hands and ready to take the leap to increase my self-image and help to restore what three pregnancies had taken from me.

Now, as I come out of this surgery just over seven days ago, I can say that I am beyond excited about the new me as my outcome is right in line with what we discussed … and so much more! All in all, the recovery hasn’t been a walk in the park, by any means, but by about day five, I really started to feel more like myself, and now at day eight, I am able to move my arms around without a forethought, off the pain meds completely and excited about purchasing new bras and swimsuit tops – definitely not anything that I have been excited about doing in the past!

I am truly extremely happy with my physical outcome and the boost in my self-esteem as I look into the mirror, which was all made possible by a wonderful surgeon with years of experience. Again, Dr. Randolph is truly a woman’s doctor, and I am so happy that I made the decision with her to help make this life-changing event possible. And, I am positive that any woman that makes this decision will feel the same way!

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