My Breast Augmentation Journey – Part 3

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Dr. Randolph asked me if I felt comfortable blogging about my experience post-surgery for breast augmentation, and of course I said yes as I know how much a personal account can help a person feel more comfortable about what to expect when approaching a surgery such as this.  So, I thought I would talk a little about the pain that I personally felt immediately post-surgery and for the days that followed as a way to help a woman better understand what to potentially expect, understanding of course that pain is different for each person.

Again, pain itself is such a subjective thing to talk about and different for each and every person, however, through the first 24-hours, I can personally say that it felt like I had done about 500 repetitions on the chest fly machine and had pulled the muscles the length of my sternum.  Of course, this was from the manipulation and stretching of the muscles needed to insert my 350cc implants, so it wasn’t truly what I would call pain, but rather just a pretty intense soreness in this area.  I also dealt with what I can only describe as an intense burning, much like let-down for those that have breastfed before, that came and went depending on what position my arms were in or what I was doing physically.  So, really not pain, but something that made me stop and deep breathe while the feeling subsided.  That one is kind of hard to describe, but it happened quite a bit through those first three to five days, although really subsided by day seven and not something I feel at all now at day eight; Dr. Randolph said that it is also from the manipulations of the muscles, which may take several weeks to truly go away and heal completely, but as I have seen, it lets up in intensity and frequency even within a week post-op.

In regards to the incisions themselves, I honestly have to say that I have not had any discomfort at all in this area (my incisions are infra-mammary, so basically under my breasts at the fold) – I did not feel them immediately post-op, I did not feel them once the tagaderm/gauze came off at day five, and I do not feel them right now as I am typing this post.  They both are still covered with steri-strips, of course, to protect the incisions, but Dr. Randolph told me that they will eventually fall off without issue. So, all in all, the pain has been very manageable and I am surprised each day how much better I feel, although I have to say that just going through the process of surgery at 40-ish and also trying to keep up with my daily personal and professional life has made for a very tired momma, which is to be expected with any surgery; although I am continuing to gain energy with each passing day.

Again, I know that my personal experience is not going to be the same for another going through the same surgery since pain itself is so subjective and we all react to it differently.  But, I can say that I am extremely happy with my physical outcome and the boost in my self-esteem as I look into the mirror, which was all made possible by a wonderful surgeon with years of experience. Again, Dr. Randolph is truly a woman’s doctor, and I am so happy that I made the decision with her to help make this life-changing event possible.  And, I am positive that any woman that makes this decision will feel the same way!


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