The Difference Three Bra Sizes Can Make

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6-14 Pastelle_pWe all know the benefits of exercise. Running, biking, Pilates…there’s a type of exercise out there for everyone. For most of us, the only thing stopping us from exercising is our own lack of motivation. But, for Judy, there were two things in her way — her breasts, which were about three cup sizes too big.

“I really wanted to take up running. But every time I would try to run, I was in so much pain,” said Judy, a local nurse who was endowed with breasts of a G cup size. “There were just several things I couldn’t do because my breasts were simply in the way.”

Judy recalls walking along the Constitution Trail one day. Every time she was in a stretch of the trail by herself, she’d begin to jog. But, no matter how good her bra was, she wasn’t able to get the physical support she needed to run successfully. Paying up to $70 for a bra was a regular occurrence. However, the best bras left painful marks in her shoulders and didn’t stop the back pain and other discomfort that came from large breasts, especially when trying to run.

But, the hardest part was the awkwardness she felt whenever anyone on the trail came near her. Upon seeing others on the trail, she stopped running multiple times because it was “too embarrassing.” She went through an entire section of the trail, running then walking, over and over again. Then, in October 2011, Judy decided she had had enough; she went through breast reduction surgery.

“I met with the doctor to see if surgery was the right step for me,” shared Judy. “She confirmed I was a candidate for breast reduction surgery, but also had me explore other medical solutions — like physical therapy — first to make sure I wasn’t suffering from another medical condition.” Judy’s surgery was performed outpatient, allowing her to be back in her own bed that evening. The first week, Judy was sore but found by the end of the week the pain had subsided. Her full recovery time was six weeks but manageable, and she found she resumed normal activities right
on schedule.

“The staff at Twin City Plastic Surgery made the whole experience so easy for me,” commented Judy.

Now with her breasts at a new smaller D cup size, Judy allowed her body to fully recover. Then in January 2013, she knew it was time to start going after her goal of running. She began training and was thrilled she was not suffering from pain — physical or emotional — when she ran and could comfortably wear a sports bra.

Judy also no longer felt the need to stop running when she encountered anyone on the Constitution Trail. Quite the opposite, she was able to run for longer and longer distances. And she continued training and gaining strength and endurance with each step. Judy made the most of her new physique and training plan and got results. During 2013,

Judy ran 50 5K races for 250,000 meters or 820,210 feet (155 miles). And her running wardrobe has changed too. “I used to need size XL shirts just due to the size of my breasts, But after surgery, my shirts were size small or medium. That’s how much of a difference three cup sizes make.”

Judy, continuing with her running, is now training for her first half marathon and looks forward to running comfortably. “I love my new life and being healthy. I only hope that other women who are considering breast reduction could see what a difference it’s truly made in my life.”

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