As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Randolph is trained in all aspects of reconstructive surgery. Dr. Randolph’s focus in her practice is performing breast reconstruction and skin cancer reconstruction.

Breast Cancer Care

It is a particular interest and passion to help breast cancer patients from their initial diagnosis and consultation to the final aspects of breast reconstruction.

When it comes to breast reconstruction, the choices that are right for one woman may not be right for another. The long term idea of living without a breast or part of a breast affects every woman differently.

Continual improvements in plastic surgery techniques offer better results today post mastectomy than ever before. Breast reconstruction is an option for most women facing a mastectomy. Restoring the breast after breast cancer surgery is not considered cosmetic surgery. Operations performed to restore anatomy and symmetry, like after mastectomy, are considered reconstructive. Since breast reconstruction after mastectomy is considered part of treatment of disease, the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act mandates that insurers provide coverage for breast reconstruction. Also, insurance will typically approve operations to the opposite breast to restore symmetry.

It is a privilege for Dr. Randolph to participate in the care of many breast cancer patients, both women and men, in the Central Illinois area.

Skin Cancer Care

Dr. Randolph works closely with all of the dermatologists in the local community to provide skin cancer care to her patients. Whether it’s an education on sun safety, removal of worrisome moles or skin cancer excision and reconstruction, Dr. Randolph truly enjoys working with patients of all ages and generations.