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There’s no doubt about it that our lips change as we get older.  They may become somewhat shriveled, the lip line may fade, and those dreaded vertical lines will almost always appear to some degree. While you can’t avoid getting older, there are several things you can do to help lips look fuller and lines less noticeable. 

First of all, you can help lips look better and slow down the loss of volume by protecting them from the sun and not smoking.   Lack of hydration can also cause lines to be more noticeable.  So, regardless of your age or how your lips look now, be sure to always use lip balm with SPF of at least 30, drink plenty of water, and don’t smoke.

For a fast, temporary fix, there are instant glosses that plump the lips.   The gloss irritates the lips so that they “swell” slightly, thus looking fuller.  However, these products are often itchy and uncomfortable. Another option is to use a topical ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid lip serum such as HA Smooth and Plump Lip System by SkinMedica.  This two-step treatment, available at physician offices,  uses hyaluronic acid which can soften the appearance of lip lines by smoothing the skin and temporarily imparting a plumping effect.

One of the best ways to restore fullness and address the problem of vertical lines is through the use of dermal fillers. Fillers are a quick and easy way to help you look more youthful and refreshed by treating not only fine lines and wrinkles on your face, but by placing the filler directly into the lips to temporarily increase volume, which, in turn, reduces the appearance of vertical lines.

Fillers usually last anywhere from 4-12 months. Lips will eventually go back to normal, but they won’t be more saggy or wrinkly than before.  In fact, even after the injection wears off, you might find that your lips continue to be a bit fuller, due to the trauma of the needle indirectly stimulating your own collagen. There is usually some swelling for a few days after injection and the procedure itself can be a bit uncomfortable. 

If you want to try a filler, be sure to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon.  Although injectable fillers are a very common procedure, they are a medical treatment with some potential risks and side effects if not done correctly by a skilled provider. There are different types of fillers and the one that is best for you depends on many different factors. Most providers recommend starting out with a smaller amount to make sure that lips don’t look too oversized.  You want the result to be a subtle improvement, not something that looks ridiculously huge.  It requires a bit of artistry to create the perfect amount of lift and fullness. 

There are many ways to improve the look of your lips.  Set up a consultation with Dr. Laura Randolph so you can understand all your options, the details of how a procedure will work, and decide on the treatment that is best for you.   

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